DongSung Super-Fect


Dongsung’s first electronic type glove knitting machine is the world’s first machine to have all functions electronically controlled.
The user is able to run the machine with a program prepared by himself and easily handle any option, by just simply changing values on the control panel.
Especially, if only programs are prepared in advance, user can produce different products and variety of products and quickly respond to buyer’s needs. Size changing, Turn/Normal changing are a matter of one touch on the control panel, giving users ever more flexibility & saving time.
Return to the initial state within couple of minutes and the plants themselves, but also non experts can diagnose various problems with user friendliness as never before.
Overall, SUPER-FECT’s new heights of efficiency will increase of utilization rate to significant levels, contributing to reduced costs. Using the USB flash memory, it is possible to set and copy programs, while user can work the same settings in short time on the other machines in his plant.
Less number of spare parts will reduce the operation cost sharply, helping user to genarate more profits in a short time leading to faster ROI.

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